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Ever wondered what happens after death?

The ‘tunnel of light’ is believed by many to be the transition path to the afterlife. The contemporary reports of different near-death experiences have described the occurrence of this mystique phenomenon.

Multifarious explanations of such incidents have been given by cynics and psychologists. One belief lays that after death; when senses die and the nervous system stops working, there remains a frenzy of short-lived activity in the temporal lobes. This makes way for the enlightened journey which is just made up of our imagination and we relive the memories of loved ones. It is just to make the process of dying more acceptable after which the regime of oblivion follows.

A physical theory suggests that “we don’t die, we just change our vibrational speed” and that this experience is the result of our movement away from time and space. Hence, there is a shift in the level of consciousness as we go on to explore the new level of reality and bid goodbye to the past one. At the moment of death, there is an increase in the energy which means that there is an increase in the vibrational speed and as the current level of awareness drifts towards the new level of awareness, there occurs a significant change in the frequency of our consciousness which cumulates in the tunnel of light.

Other opinions include that this event is caused by the movement of brain cells moving rapidly and randomly in the absence of oxygen whereas some consider that it is a hallucination caused by the release of chemicals in the brain.





The journey, in particular, is described in various films and dramas. All the fears, worries and perplexities would be completely washed away by feelings of elation and bliss. The experience will feel like a déjà-vu but in reality, it is unlike anything we can ever experience on the earth. It is like waking up from a dream. After the demise of the physical body, there will appear a very bright light in some distance and we will feel attracted towards it. We will be out of any bounds of time and space and will be moving at a very high speed as if we have just been fired from cannon. We will be moving with the speed of light towards the light and will have certain mood swings of intense happiness, euphoria, liberty, lightness and love. The dying people have also reported that there are no words in this universe to describe this absolutely exotic voyage. No earthly light can shine as much bright as that eternal light. In addition to being the brightest, it is also wonderfully beautiful. It is even brighter than the Sun but is infinitely pleasant. The paramount feeling during the journey will be of total love and submission.

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