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No one becomes an original Karachiite till he/she has become the victim of the popular over-rated crime of ‘Mobile Snatching’. Last month, that occurred the second time with me. I could not digest the fact that I had been robbed twice of the super luxurious cell phones I used to possess. The thieves came and made my property theirs. The story does not end here.




  Mostly, youngsters of Karachi get involved in such street crimes. Anyways, a more memorable incident took place two days ago when I was roaming around in a deserted street of my area with my cheap handset. That deserted street served as a shortcut for me to reach to my destination. After the double robberies, my family had decided not to buy me anymore N-series or Blackberries since they, in the end, become someone else’s possession. Following that decision, I had that bulky, ugly cheap set in my pocket when the gangsters reached me for the third time. They were two on a single bike and demanded my mobile as soon as they came towards me. When they did not show me the gun and I became convinced of their poverty, I made it in my mind not to give away the phone this time and instead, to give them what I wanted, to let out the frustration that had been burning inside me since the day I, first, got robbed. Taking advantage of the solid hard steel structure of my mobile, its heavy body, its resistivity against any breakage, I threw the robust hand set at one of the robbers with all my force and I did succeed in my mission. The phone struck the victim right at his head such that he got injured and started bleeding there and then. As for the second robber, who rushed towards me in agitation, I kicked him right on his chest and threw his bike at him so that he would not get up again. He took time to get up, providing me enough time for the escape. I ran as fast as I could and got away from the injuries I had caused.

                             Two days have passed since this miraculous day. I had let out the frustration I had been holding inside me for so long. This spectacular incident will forever remain evergreen in my life and I will always admire the heroic yet dangerous performance I had exhibited in this adventure.

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Taha Javaid Siddiqui 07/08/2010 08:51

yeah...i did that when i was sure that they really had no weapon!

sajjad hussain 07/08/2010 07:29

oo! what a braveness you showed! but i think yuo should't have do like this..you took a risk..if they had a weapon you would face a great dangerous..