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Pakistan, after white-washing the Aussies in the t20 series has lost its first test match against the Kangaroos. The bitter let down by the batting side of Pakistan made us lose this battle. This is the thirteenth consecutive loss for the Greens in test matches from the Aussies. The bowlers performed quite upto the standard but on the other side, the only silver lining was Salman Butt who managed to get half centuries in both the innings. The start of the match was a rough one as Pakistani bowlers paced the Aussies all out for just a mere total of 253. Aamer sent the Aussies back to pavilion 4 times in the first innings. But the unprofessional play by the South Asian batsmen really gifted the win to the opponent. Watson was granted 5 wickets and Pakistan were all out for just 148 runs. Australia took advantage of this opportunity and cashed in 334 runs on the board in the second innings leaving Pakistanis behind 440 runs. This time, Gul took 4 wickets. The start of the batting play in the second innings was very sensible by Pakistan but as fate had some other desires, the wickets of Pakistan started falling off periodically till we became bowled out for 289 runs. The Kangaroos gained the victory by 150 runs and Shahid Afridi, who played utterly rubbish in the whole match became the losing captain.

But not to forget that the damage has still not been done, there is one more face-off left which can make the series level, if went in Pakistan's favor. However, it was heartening to hear that Afridi resigned as Captain of Pakistan Test Cricket Team. While the next test would be played under some other supervision in the Pakistan's side, I want Afridi to get back as the leader because one loss does not make that much impact, there's still one more competition to go and he can do better for Pakistan this time. These kinds of aggressive decisions should not be taken by any Sportsman because as the saying goes "what does not kill you, makes you stronger". So move on and show your best the next time, Afridi!  Cheers! 

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