Blaming "time"

Published on by Taha Javaid Siddiqui

Wretchedness comes out into the open,

As I get blinded by the road I am following.

The vivid past that time has snatched from me,

For I had never realized its utter importance!


The days when I had laughed the hardest,

The moments when I had the real friends.

All those memories keep distracting me,

And I keep suffering at my present!


I count myself as unlucky now,

For the lonely time I am having.

I dint use to count myself as lucky then,

When I had, perhaps, my best days of vitality!


I long for the past as I regret living in this present,

My goal should be focused on the future now, however.

But sigh! This is the gloomy gray turn,

My life has, unintentionally, taken!

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