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The idea of a global village conjures up images of an ever-growing worldwide society with shrinking boundary lines. The global village allows people from various parts of the world to communicate as if they were neighbors. Distance is no boundary when using computer communication. Insightful businesses can envision the cash registers—or, rather, the credit card charges—ringing. Marketing a business or selling a product without the restriction of location is no more a dream. The Internet is providing bundles of opportunities.

 World is becoming shorter and shorter in terms of distances. WTO has brought the idea of open economy to the third world countries too. Multinational companies are increasing. Now one product of a country is easily available in other country too. Trade barriers are removed. NAFTA and EURO are the biggest examples of connection the world with each other and removing the barriers among countries. Such kind of agreements among the world countries are making them more close to each other and bringing radical changes in tourism

Various new tourism destinations around the world have started off as a huge cultural entertainment center to cater to the need for a central meeting point where people of different countries could meet and showcase their cultures. Over the years traveling and tourism industry has grown into a big attraction among nationals, resident expatriates and different countries and visitors from across the world. Gone are the days when we hardly knew about the cultures of people in far away countries.

Migrating to a global village means that sealing a business deal in New York occurs on your computer screen, traveling to Europe occurs through a telephone line, and communicating with Japan occurs through your keyboard and fingertips. Never has the world been so small . . . or so accessible

Although, these technological advances have created the impression of a “global village” however, this has still not achieved a more humane behavior pattern across the globe. The hallmark of life in a village is the closeness and the resultant neighborliness, compassion and sympathy between the inhabitants. Technological advances have not achieved this so in this respect it may be too hasty to call the world a global village just as yet. Even though the world is definitely shrinking in terms of accessibility of information and ease in communication, it is still alien and a far removed reality for many. Due to non uniform development of different communities and countries, the world is certainly not a global village as yet.

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