Karachi Massacre!

Published on by Taha Javaid Siddiqui

 As much as I want this violence and terror to end for good, I want my life to return to its normal routine. I want the streets to be crowded, shops to be doing business, Hotels to be opened, hooligans to be out there all night, roads to be jam-packed with traffic, stupid boys to turn on loud music in their cars which would destroy the peace of locality houses, colleges and universities to re-open and children as well as teenagers to wander carelessly all around their residential area.

I woke up today with the sole intention of going to my university. I walked 1 km to the bus stop ( I had missed the point) and on the way to the stop, I missed the Pathans preparing Chai Paratha at Quetta Hotels, gatherings sitting there to enjoy their breakfast, school kids with backpacks rushing towards their respective schools, public transport moving back and forth and the doodh-dahi shop which used to stay open 24 hours. And, eventually, when I found no bus or transport, I paved my way back home.

Death toll crosses 70 in Karachi and is, still, not coming to a halt. While the president is busy on tours around the world, the internal condition of Pakistan has faced the worst circumstances. Dams cracked, Bomb blasts, floods swirling the whole of the provinces, no surplus in country, speed rocketing prices, we're letting go our nation and our dear homeland !!  May Allah Almighty guide us to the right path, provide us with sensible leaderships, forgive us of the sins we have committed, let us out of this dreadful condition, bless us all, bless this nation and bless Karachi!

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