Mildness vs. Violence in a student's life.

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Violence can never be a good method to achieve any objective. Be it the teachers, parents or elder sisters and brothers, if all of them want their young ones to behave or work according to them, then communicating with the youngsters peacefully can turn out to be more fruitful than exercising savagery with them.

                    The increasing ferocity and fierceness by adults have resulted in sinister outcomes. Juveniles who are victims of this oppression tend to lose courage, confidence and self-integrity. They get more involved in depression and melancholy due to the frustration that keeps accumulating in their minds. Frustration develops due to the bondage adults impose upon them. They do not get allowed to work out their thoughts and desires. They let their individuality and character vanish within themselves and act paralyzed of their motives in the sense that they know what to do but cannot do what they want to due to the imposition of certain commands from adults.


  For the decision of their career, they follow their mentors’ orders and throw their choices in the bin. These victims, totally, get beside themselves in distress even if the mentors’ orders are for their own advantages. By resisting the harassment upon themselves, their lives which could have been independent, lively and vibrant are directed towards restriction and confinement which leaves the minors in low spirits for lifetime.

  Summarizing the above disadvantages of violence and persecution, the child becomes merely a costume in which adults perform their ambition and what they feel to be right. Mildness, on the other hand, can prove to be a significantly successful method, to achieve any goal, in which the desires of both adults and children can be sorted out through discussions and verbal consultations. The child, in this case, also gets a chance to speak out his intents and objectives. Elders, also, teach the child of the wrong or right in a calm, low voice which becomes very helpful for him. Hence, moderation assists the youngsters to develop self-assurance, optimism, courage and the belief that what elders are doing for them is in the benefit of their own future.




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