Pakistani Music Movement for CWC 2011

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Several songs. ONE purpose!

 <A hefty compilation of the numerous Pakistan WC songs 2011>


In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Pakistan has witnessed its largest number of motivational songs till date. Watching the music channels for just 10 minutes brings one new patriotic song on the forefront. All the musicians have  showcased their nationalism and have worked for the sole purpose of gearing up the Afridi 11 for the lustrous opportunity.


In this sea of the musical tunes, some numbers are just so captivating that they make your goosebumps erect. Even the deepest muscle of your heart gets awe-struck, you just get lost in the fantasy of being the champions of 2011. The abundant output by the Paki Music Industry also contains those songs which stand there just for the purpose of being there. That means, no extra-ordinary input has been installed in those songs and they simply fail to catch the interest of the public. It is evident from those melodies that they were made by the band or the singer just when they saw that Pak Cricket Team was doing wonders!


Following is a HUGE collection of the 2011 World Cup songs by the Pakistani artists.


Jazba - a telecommunication service provider powered by Mobilink Jazz came out with this song. This was probably Pakistan's first World Cup song for 2011. It came out when there wasnt any hope that Pakistan would come this far in the tournament. Song is not at all impressive, Ali Zafar flunks totally at stretching high notes!


Ali Azmat calls it a sequel to Junoon's 1996 WC song "Jazba-e-Junoon". Azmat has done it once again; producing one of the finest motivational songs ever.  

 Ok! So, this is the song by our team's official sponsor PEPSI Co. Ali Zafar tries to make up the wrongs he did in the Jazba song and this number does a lot more than just to make an impact.

The Jal-holics dont fall behind in the race. The lyrics are superb but the composition needs a bit of improvisation to prosper!
HAHAHAHA! This is the craziest World Cup song ever made in Pakistan. Rightly called World Cup Madness. Siege brings it in the most innovative manner!

OMG! Meera sings!! :O  Thanks to the auto-tuner that we dint receive the torture. Amalgamation of Khosa and Jawad Ahmed stands out! nice effort.
Jawad Ahmed again! He is a pro at making the motivational themes.
Aman ka chakka laga! this item does just ok. Nothing substantial.
A wonderful effort by a rookie. I bet you hadnt heard this one before!
This one revitalizes the glory of 1992. May we lift the trophy again in 2011!
Official Geo Super song by the band 2D. Immensely energetic, enthusiastic and substantial. Hats off!

Offical CNBC Pakistan song. Quite average! *yawns*
Concluding the discussion on a Powerful note.
I would regard this song as the BEST OF ALL. Simply, steals the spotlight! Awesome collaboration, indeed!

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