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 So, the last time I blogged has become a distant memory for me. The reason being the encroachment of annual examinations. The exams stretched out for an excruciating span of two months for which I was given a month to prepare for. Hence, overall I had 3 months totally occupied with pens and papers. The examinations, however, went below average for the first time in my entire academic record. I had always given up my best in the past but this year, I was not able to do so thanks to the totally nil preparation I had before the start of the 3 months. I would have easily made up this loss if I would have given priority to the books when it would have mattered. Anyways, not all the papers did go bad. Some went immaculate also but the majority supports the former. I am not utterly disappointed. I still have some hope left and I have firm belief in God who will make me see my desired result,inshAllah!


As far as the blog is concerned, I am back now and the revival has just started.It wont be long before 'within the trance' reaches the highs once again. Cheers!

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