Ten things I hate about being tall!

Published on by Taha Javaid Siddiqui

  •  The low height of the local coaches where, when I stand; I have to keep my neck bent throughout the journey in order to fit within the upper limits of the buses. This ends up in cumulating a deadly neck-pain! Torture. :@
  • The tendency to lower my head every time I pass across a door even though the height of the door remains much greater.
  • The weird feeling I get when I am standing in a short-heighted group of friends.
  • The clumsy  and cheesy remarks of all the aunts and mohalle-wali khalas “ye to dekhte hi dekhte itna bara hogaya” or "uff! Kitna khicho ge! Kya chat se takrana hai!" nevermind!
  • The remarks I get when my buddies shout at the top of their lungs in a  house-full shopping mall "OYE khambe! Baat sun". Anyways, the speaker gets the beating afterwards ;) 
  • The impossible task of folding of the long legs  I have to do when I am made to sit in a small car  and urged to make room for others.  Tiresome, isn’t it!?
  • When I bend down to hug my 4 year old nephew and my hips strike the lady standing behind. This will ruin the whole day for sure.
  • When I fail to get a girl (Shawty :P ) to hook up with ; who manages to reach atleast my shoulders. Googling now! ;)
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  • When I can’t wear the super-stylish attire of my friend on an X-Y-Z party just because of his brusqueness.
  • When a tennis ball strikes my body while walking in a play ground. I turn around and my anger is exacerbated as the terrified children come up running towards me chanting the slogan “Sorry Uncle!” Sorry Uncle!”  And the one who was hanging out with me breaks out guffawing.

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Saad Iqbal 12/16/2010 08:13

Lol!!! =)